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  • Super Hydrating Mask
  • Super Hydrating Mask

Super Hydrating Mask

9,00 €Prijs

The care goes beyond any other mask and is proof that fragile hair can regain bounce. In ancient times, spirulina was already used by doctors. The extracts of safflower and mint are commonly used in today's skin care, but have a hidden talent for hair care. The balm comes into its own when it can work in the hair for at least 2 minutes. The powerful blend of scents will put you in an energetic and satisfied mood. The Organic Mask is free of SLS, parabens and silicones and cares for the hair in a natural way and is gentle on the scalp.

    • Instant hair mask results with 3 times more thicker texture than a regular mask for deep hydration.
    • Instantly refreshes and hydrates the hair and scalp with Spirulina Repair Complex.
    • Visibly Glossier, shinier, Smoother hair.
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