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Hairgrowth with West Indian Sandal Wood bottled in a daily use Sea Salt Spray

West Indian sandalwood Oil can help promote hair growth. This gives us the idea that if sandalwood oil can heal the skin and its major components, it must be beneficial to hair follicles. Therefore, numerous hair experts deem it as being effective as hair growth for men. This is the reason why many people are looking for ways how to mix essential oils for hair growth.

This explains how sandalwood oil and its aromatic quality help rebuild and protect hair follicles that ultimately promote and maintain hair growth. Apart from the natural chemical structure of the oil itself, which is already therapeutic, the smell does the work of rebuilding hair cells. Sounds fantastic.

How West Indian sandalwood Oil works to promote hair growth. In conclusion, several studies show that sandalwood has power for hair regeneration and is due to the presence of a kind of olfactory receptors in keratinocytes, an attribute that would theoretically increase the sensitivity of hair to a stimulus from another sense. It is also capable of prolonging the growth time of the hair follicle cells, thus increasing their life cycle.

This antiseptic property in this fragrant essential oil is excellent for stimulating blood circulation in the scalp to encourage optimal hair growth. It has been used in ancient Indian medicine to increase shine and prevent hair dryness. The astringent in sandalwood oil is quite useful in getting rid of excess sebum secretions for those with an oily scalp. Relieve your dandruff-ridden scalp with by mixing sandalwood with a carrier oil and applying it to the scalp before a shampoo.

What to do if you have hair loss, despite using West Indian sandalwood Oil. Hair loss is a tricky situation as most of the time it comes down to stress with the more hair being lost, the more one stresses and so the vicious cycle continues. Genetics and environmental factors are also at play when it comes to hair loss. Fortunately, there are remedies to help this condition and sandalwood and sandalore could be your answer.

Over enthusiastic styling can cause hair loss. This is really common, as the hair just gets worn out, especially from too much bleaching and dying. Some styles can be problematic for hair loss too, such as tight weaves and braids when worn for a long time. Poor health and disease is frequently a reason for hair loss too. Some of the principle hair loss conditions are listed below. If you suspect one of the these conditions it goes without saying that treating it is far more important than using the best oil for hair thickness and growth. Once you have received treatment however, applying oil for hair thickness and growth will speed your hair's recovery.

Discover the benefits of West Indian Sandal Wood bottled in a daily use Sea Salt spray.