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chemical shampoo's strip hair of its natural oils.😱

Dissolves oils? Sounds great for greasy hair right? Well, when thinking about it, this would also cause the natural oils in your hair to be dissolved as well, leaving it extremely dry, frizzy, and dull. This chemical is also typically found in hair gels and sprays because it is able to hold and stick your hair strands together. Eventually, because of this, it may cause your hair to break off one strand at a time.

All natural shampoos and conditioners with organic ingredients are a great alternative to chemical-filled hair products. Depending on the brand you choose, they can be full of effective ingredients rich in essential oils, proteins and vitamins to keep your hair healthy, naturally. It is often falsely believed that these natural products won’t clean your hair as effectively as their chemical-ridden counterparts since they aren’t filled with foaming agents, however, these products won’t cause irritation, dryness, or breakage. They may not come out super foamy and sudsey, but they will clean your hair, and help you achieve beautiful, healthy hair naturally.

Conditioning Agents: Detergents strip away the sebum from your hair, leaving the cuticle exposed and susceptible to damage. If you use soap or dishwashing detergent on your hair, it will get clean, but it may look limp, lacking body and shine. Shampoo contains ingredients that replace the protective coating on the hair. Silicones detangle hair, smooth the hair cuticle and add shine. Fatty alcohols help prevent static and fly-away or frizzy hair. Shampoo typically is more acidic than soap, so it may contain ingredients to bring down the product of the pH. If the pH of

shampoo is too high, the sulfide bridges in keratin can break, weakening or damaging your hair.

shampoo can be damaging to hair when used on a regular basis. Most of the time, the ‘smell good’ shampoos you use are laden with harmful chemicals that can lead to thinning hair and eventually hair loss. Thus, you need to keep a check on the ingredient labels of your hair products to prevent hair fall and minimize damage.

Shampooing your hair is a part of your routine and something that helps to keep your hair and scalp free from dirt, dust, debris and pollutants. When you spend so much time in the shower washing your hair with those chemical baked shampoos it is important to know that they are doing more harm to your hair than any good. Commercial shampoos are loaded with various chemicals which can strip off the natural oils from your hair and scalp which would eventually make them dry and dull. Where over washing your hair with these harsh chemical based shampoos is the biggest hair care sin of all it is important to find a natural alternative. Without any further ado let us take a deep dive into this article and learn about the problematic chemicals present in your shampoo along with 4 natural DIY alternatives you can prepare at home for healthy and luscious locks.

Where not all chemicals are bad for your hair health, it is important to figure out the damaging ingredients present in your shampoo Next time whenever you go out to buy a shampoo make sure to check out for the ingredients and composition of the product and figure of if any of these damaging chemicals are present in it.

shampoo can strip oils and proteins from hair, leading to hair loss. Shampoo, believe it or not, is often the root (excuse the pun) of hair loss. There is, of course, a certain irony there. The product that we use to clean our hair and make it look better could actually be what causes our hair to fall out. If you were to look at the list of ingredients on the back of a shampoo bottle, then, many of the ingredients would not mean much to you. But, the truth is, in amongst this list are chemicals that cause hair loss. You will find these chemicals in other hair products too. If shampoo was made purely to clean your hair, then perhaps there would not be so much of a problem.

Shampoo cleans the hair with chemicals called surfactants. These are soaps that remove surface debris from the scalp and hair. Many shampoos also contain compounds called sulfates, which produce a rich lather that removes oil from the hair. This can help the hair look cleaner, but it can also damage the hair.

Hair washing products contain numerous ingredients that are meant to lift impurities from the scalp and leave your hair feeling clean and weightless. However, some ingredients in shampoo and conditioner may be doing the opposite of what you hope for, such as damaging your hair and causing hair loss.

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